Improving the Investment Potential of the Evenkiiskaya HPP When Working Jointly with HPPS of the Volga – Kama Cascade

The capability is studied of improving the investment potential of the Evenkiiskaya HPP by using the power it generates in the United Power System of the European part of Russia by transitioning to a compensated electrical regime of water reservoir resource usage. A quantitative assessment of Evenkiiskaya HPP usage is presented using daily load demand. Increasing the guaranteed HPP power is proposed as an alternative to new nuclear power stations.

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Correspondence to A. Yu. Aleksandrovskii.

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Translated from Gidrotekhnicheskoe Stroitel’stvo, No. 3, March 2016, pp. 2 – 7.

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Aleksandrovskii, A.Y., Soldatkin, A.Y. & Volkov, D.M. Improving the Investment Potential of the Evenkiiskaya HPP When Working Jointly with HPPS of the Volga – Kama Cascade. Power Technol Eng 50, 235–239 (2016).

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  • compensated electric water flow management
  • Volga – Kama HPP cascade
  • UPS daily power balance