Peter McHugh 1929–2010

Peter McHugh was a good friend of this journal and had published his work in Human Studies at various times. His death is noted in the various papers that follow and are contributions from some of his former students, colleagues, and friends who have known him in different ways. Though many who are absent here offered to contribute, pressures of time require us to settle now upon a small group of remembrances. Carl Weinberg’s piece is the reflection of the longest-standing relationship of this collection, a graduate student friend at UCLA, a colleague at the University of Delaware, and a friend over the years. Stanley Raffel was one of Peter’s first graduate students at Columbia University, becoming a professor at the University of Edinburgh, and a friend over time. Kieran Bonner, and Patrick Colfer separately, both graduate students from Trinity College, Dublin, came to North America to study with Peter, Bonner becoming a professor and sometimes Dean at the University of Waterloo, and Colfer becoming a creative social policy analyst. Mary Moore, vice president of research, planning and international partnerships and professor of sociology at the University of Indianapolis and Kenneth Colburn, Jr. professor of sociology, criminology, and urban affairs at Butler University, were among the first generation of graduate students to study with Peter in North America. David Lynes, a professor at St. Francis Xavier University, was among the next wave of such students at York University, Toronto. Jay Julien defended Peter and me against Columbia University in the 1960s over charges of criminal trespassing. Again, I regret that we do not have the opportunity to include other offers to write remembrances but perhaps we will have alternative channels in the future to re-create a memorial for Peter McHugh.

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