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Table 5 Reasons provided by fishers (n = 178) for being pushed out of or pulled into other fishing locations. The number and proportion of fishers stating each reason are grouped for pushed and pulled

From: Drivers of the Distribution of Fisher Effort at Lake Alaotra, Madagascar

Reason Pushed Pulled Total
n % n % n %a
Catch – Catch and fish size. Pushed out of location due to poor catches or small fish size. Pulled into other locations for better catches or larger fish. Follow seasonal movement of fish; fishers follow fish movement to continue to have a catch. 49 27.5 17 9.6 66 37.1
Travel – Pushed out of previous locations because access became difficult due to invasive plants. Pulled in because of proximity to village, residence, or rice field, less travel time, or allowing time for other activities. May change seasonally or with second season rice cultivation activities in the marsh, due to age or health of fisher, with changes in personal circumstances, and/or may involve risk aversion. 12 6.7 24 13.5 36 20.2
Water level – Pushed out of locations due to unusually low seasonal water levels in 2010. 31 17.4 0 0 31 17.4
Fishers – Pushed out because of overcrowding or presence of thieves, or due to presence of methods that make it difficult to use their preferred gear. Pulled in because location is not crowded or less crowded, has fewer thieves, or recommended by other fishers. 16 9.0 14 7.9 30 16.9
Suitability – Pushed out because location characteristics change over time and become unsuitable for preferred fishing strategy. Pulled in because location characteristics are better suited to the fisher’s choice of gear or manner of fishing (e.g., camps out). 12 6.7 9 5.1 21 11.8
Other – Pushed out due to habitat degradation and/or poor water quality (e.g., invasive plants degrading fishing locations in the marsh, dirty or stinking water). Pulled in to trial or explore additional fishing location(s). 6 3.4 2 1.1 8 4.5
  1. aProportions sum to >100 % because 14 respondents (8 %) nominated multiple reasons