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Table 4 Reasons provided by fishers (n=403) for choosing fishing locations. The proportion of fishers stating each reason is grouped by gear type

From: Drivers of the Distribution of Fisher Effort at Lake Alaotra, Madagascar

Reason Traps Gill nets Cast nets Line & hook Hand methods All gear types
(n=213) (n=167) (n=10) (n=7) (n=6) (n=403)
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Routine – Usual location. Always uses this or these locations. 73.7 80.2 100.0 71.4 33.3 76.7
Catch – Many fish are present, good catches, good quality fish and/or presence of specific target species. 20.2 22.8 10.0 28.6 16.7 21.1
Familiarity – Fisher has good knowledge of the location (e.g., how to get there, move around the location, and catch fish) and the location is appropriate for the fisher’s skills and ability. May have a long history of fishing there. 18.3 8.4 0.0 14.3 0.0 13.4
Suitability – Location has characteristics (e.g., water level or habitat) that suit the fisher’s gear type or manner of fishing (e.g., camps out). There are favourable environmental characteristics for fishing; calm (no wind), sheltered or protected, location can be used all year. Fisher preference. 10.3 9.6 40.0 0.0 50.0 11.4
Travel – Close to village or rice field. Allows time for other activities. Close to collectors who buy fish. Location is not clogged with invasive plants. Ease of travel, accessible. 10.3 4.8 0.0 14.3 50.0 8.4
Fishers – No or few thieves. No large seine nets that destroy gear. Camaraderie, enjoyable because friends fish there. 4.7 1.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 3.5
  1. aProportions sum to >100 % because 129 respondents (32 %) nominated multiple reasons