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Anthony Bebbington and Jeffrey Bury (eds): Subterranean Struggles: New Dynamics of Mining, Oil, and Gas in Latin America

Austin: University of Texas Press 2013. ISBN: 9780292748620, Price $60.00 (hardback). xv + 343 pages, index
  • Gabriela ValdiviaEmail author

The extractive sector in Latin America is changing rapidly. From Venezuela assisting Ecuador in constructing a refinery to process heavy oil, to the development of a liquid natural gas project connecting Peruvian natural gas reserves with the Mexican market, to the conversion of Bolivia into a natural gas hub supplying Brazilian and Argentinean markets, Latin American nations are increasing resource networks that support regional economic projects. These shifts in the geopolitical configuration of firms and states have profound implications in sites of mineral and hydrocarbon extraction, raising questions about the distribution of benefits, who will bear the costs of new and intensified extraction (and for how many generations to come), and how the rights of affected peoples will be protected. Interpretations and reactions to these shifts are, understandably, politically charged. In Ecuador, for example, President Rafael Correa is seeking to secure voter support for legally opening...


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