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Lords of the Fly Revisited

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  1. Drosophila was never a “model” organism, and the term appears nowhere in Lords.

  2. E. P. Thompson’s “moral economy” was the unwritten communal obligation to make bread accessible to all in times of dearth, in contrast to the “political” economists’ amoral principle of unrestrained market pricing.

  3. Alfred Crosby, Ecological Imperialism (1989) remains for me the model of how historical and ecological thinking are united. Also, William Cronon, Changes in the Land (1983). Old chestnuts now, but still good.

  4. I began teaching environmental history in 1994, as Lords was out and behind me, and I was embarking on intensive study of ecology and field biology. It proved to be in every way a most fruitful and enjoyable symbiosis.


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