Entwistle, N.: Student learning and academic understanding: a research perspective with implications for teaching

Academic Press, 2018
  • Paul AshwinEmail author

Research on student approaches to learning (SAL) in higher education has led to the development of some of the most widely known and misunderstood contributions to our knowledge about student learning in higher education. These misunderstandings are best illustrated by the way in which a way of understanding students’ intentions in particular acts of learning (deep and surface approaches to learning) have morphed into categories related to types of learning (deep and surface learning) and types of learners (deep and surface learners). This important book explains how and why SAL developed in a thoughtful and accessible way that allows the reader to understand the history and potential of this area of research.

The book sets out the accumulated wisdom of one of the leading SAL researchers who has spent over 40 years engaging with and developing this field of research. The book is written in a highly engaging manner and is shaped by a passionate commitment to enable others to understand...


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