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Table 5 Themes that emerged from student evaluations that referred to the regulation of the learning process

From: Implementing the flipped classroom: an exploration of study behaviour and student performance



Example quote

Video lecture supported learning


‘If I didn’t understand anything, or my brain was processing information, I could pause the video lecture and think about it, re-watch it, or watch it again at a later stage’

Participation in lecture supported learning


‘The many example questions and peer explanations worked well for better understanding of the application’

Procrastination prevented


‘by having to hand in questions I was able to keep up with the reading and was able to follow the lectures better’

More student regulation desired


‘this way we don’t have the freedom to follow our own planning’

More passive explanation desired


‘I would have preferred more explanation of the theory in the lecture. The lectures did not contain enough explanation which is why I understood less of the material and wasn’t able to go into the exam feeling confident’

Self-regulation necessary to benefit from lecture


‘I think that with good preparation the lectures would be useful, but without preparation it was useless for me’