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David Carless: Excellence in university assessment: learning from award-winning practice

Routledge, London, 2015, 270 pp
  • Ying Zhan
Book Review

The concept of “learning-oriented assessment” was coined by David Carless in 2003, which aims to promote a way of thinking that all assessment could target the development of productive student learning processes, regardless of their formative or summative nature. Since the introduction of the term, David Carless has devoted himself to the research of learning-oriented assessment and has published a series of relevant papers in a number of prestigious international journals. His recent book, “Excellence in University Assessment: learning from award-winning practice,” accounts for an ethnographical project on exploring the potential for learning-oriented assessment at the tertiary phase. Five award-winning male teachers who teach different disciplines and some of their students were invited to participate in classroom observations and semi-structural interviews to conceptualize and exemplify a framework of learning-oriented assessment and to reveal the complexity of implementing...


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