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Riccardo Viale and Henry Etzkowitz (eds): The capitalization of knowledge: a triple helix of university-industry-government

Edward Elgar, 2010, 351 pp, ISBN: 978-1-84844-114-9
  • Soo Jeung LeeEmail author
  • Thanh Ha Ngo
Book Review

The importance of using and capitalizing knowledge for the development of society has become more crucial in the competitive environment of globalization. Previously, governments’ policies and social efforts only paid attention to creating and producing knowledge. But the quantitative increase of knowledge production does not always accompany by the qualitative and utilitarian growth of knowledge. It is more crucial to produce useful knowledge and understand the context of the capitalization of knowledge for development of society.

The relationships among universities, industries and governments have become necessary to account for the capitalization of knowledge, and the “triple helix model” is a useful framework to explain these interactions. In the triple helix model, universities and other knowledge-producing institutions can play a new role in the knowledge-based society by focusing on dynamics and utility of knowledge. Beside the traditional missions such as education and...

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