Group Decision and Negotiation

, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 1–11

Emotions in negotiation



In this article, we discuss the ways in which emotions influence the course of negotiation. Emotions play a role in the development of relationships among negotiators; they also facilitate or hinder coordination of strategic exchanges. These functions highlight an interplay between information-processing and emotional expressions: intentions are inferred from statements made and nonverbal gestures sent. They are understood as part of an expression game that emphasizes interaction dynamics. They are also understood in terms of the organizational contexts surrounding negotiation. These are some of the themes that surface in the articles contributed to this special issue. An overview of the articles calls attention to key points but also expands on the themes suggested by the authors. The work reported in this issue provides a basis for a continuing research agenda on emotions in negotiation.


Emotions Experimentation Expression games Information-processing Intentions Negotiation 


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