Plant Growth Regulation

, Volume 85, Issue 2, pp 329–335 | Cite as

New QTLs identified for leaf correlative traits in rice seedlings under cadmium stress

  • Jiahui Wang
  • Yunxia Fang
  • Bin Tian
  • Xiaoqin Zhang
  • Dali Zeng
  • Longbiao Guo
  • Jiang Hu
  • Dawei Xue
Brief communication


Cadmium (Cd) is a non-essential toxic metal that is primarily released into the environment from artificial sources in recent decades. To investigate the genetics of Cd toxicity tolerance at the seedling stage in rice, a QTL analysis was carried out under cadmium stress conditions with two toxicity-linked traits—leaf rolling (LR) and the green leaf ratio (GLR). Using 127 rice lines of doubled haploid (DH) population derived from a cross between a japonica JX17 and indica ZYQ8, two QTLs for LR (qLR-1 and qLR-9) and one QTL for GLR (qGLR-3) were detected. Among them, the phenotypic variation of qLR-1 and qGLR-3 were 19.27 and 16.09, values which are useful for marker-assistant selection in breeding elite rice cultivars that have the capacity to tolerate Cd. The results further demonstrate that visual measurements of both LR and GLR in seedlings are effective methods for screening tolerant rice germplasm in cadmium stress scenarios.


Rice QTL Cadmium Leaf rolling Green leaf ration 



This work was supported by Hangzhou Scientific and Technological Program (20170432B03), the National Key Technology Research and Development Program (2015BAD01B02) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31661143006). This work was also supported in part by the National GMO New Variety Breeding Program of PRC (2016ZX08011-001), National Science Foundation of China (31671666).


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