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Smart City Transportation: A VANET Edge Computing Model to Minimize Latency and Delay Utilizing 5G Network

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Journal of Grid Computing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Smart cities cannot function without autonomous devices that connect wirelessly and enable cellular connectivity and processing. Edge computing bridges mobile devices and the cloud, giving mobile devices access to computing, memory, and communication capabilities via vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET). VANET is a time-constrained technology that can handle requests from vehicles in a shorter amount of time. The most well-known problems with edge computing and VANET are latency and delay. Any congestion or ineffectiveness in this network can result in latency, which affects its overall efficiency. The data processing in smart city affected by latency can produce irregular decision making. Some data, like traffics, congestions needs to be addressed in time. Delay decision making can make application failure and results in wrong information processing. In this study, we created a probability-based hybrid Whale -Dragonfly Optimization (p–H-WDFOA) edge computing model for smart urban vehicle transportation that lowers the delay and latency of edge computing to address such issues. The 5G localized Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) servers were additionally employed, significantly reducing the wait and the latency to enhance the edge technology resources and meet the latency and Quality of Service (QoS) criteria. Compared to an experiment employing a pure cloud computing architecture, we reduced data latency by 20%. We also reduced processing time by 35% compared to cloud computing architecture. The proposed method, WDFO-VANET, improves energy consumption and minimizes the communication costs of VANET.

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Data Availability

The datasets used and/or analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.


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This article has been supported under Project Supported by Scientific and Technological Research Program of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission (Grant No. KJQN202202402) “Research on the digital rural grassroots data quality management system”.

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Mengqi Wang: Conceptualization, Methodology, Formal analysis, Supervision, Writing—original draft, Writing—review & editing.

Jiayuan Mao: Investigation, Data Curation, Validation, Resources, Writing—review & editing.

Wei Zhao: Investigation, Data Curation, Validation, Resources, Writing—review & editing.

Xinya Han: Investigation, Validation, Resources, Writing—review & editing.

Mengya Li: Formal analysis, Supervision, Writing.

Chuanjun Liao: Formal analysis, Supervision, Writing.

Haomiao Sun: Investigation, Resources, Writing—review & editing.

Kexin Wang: Investigation, Resources, Writing—review & editing.

The contribution of the first and second authors are equivalent in this research work.

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Correspondence to Jiayuan Mao.

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