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Study-based Systematic Mapping Analysis of Cloud Technologies for Leveraging IT Resource and Service Management: The Case Study of the Science Gateway Approach


Currently, there is a proliferation of technological tools with a Science Gateway approach. For IT administrators manage these kinds of tools is not a trivial activity, although there is a significant volume of related studies. This situation represents a latent challenge to IT administrators in TERS (Technology Ecosystem for Research Support). This paper analyzes and classifies studies related to IT resources and services management applicable to this type of technology ecosystem. Methodologically we used an adaptation of guidelines aimed at the construction of a SMS (Systematic Mapping Study). Additionally, we performed an analysis of the papers to recognize inferences and trends in them, which allowed us to claim that cloud computing technology plays a predominant role. We consider it good practice for implementations that support research processes. In this sense, we recommend to those interested in this topic to prioritize cloud technologies to achieve an adequate management of the set of IT resources and services used to support Science Gateway environments.

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