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Declarative Application Management in the Fog

A Bacteria-Inspired Decentralised Approach


Orchestrating next-gen applications over heterogeneous resources along the Cloud-IoT continuum calls for new strategies and tools to enable scalable and application-specific managements. Inspired by the self-organisation capabilities of bacteria colonies, we propose a declarative, fully decentralised application management solution, targeting pervasive opportunistic Cloud-IoT infrastructures. We present a customisable declarative implementation of the approach and validate its scalability through simulation over motivating scenarios, also considering end-user’s mobility and the possibility to enforce application-specific management policies for different (classes of) applications.


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This work has been partly supported by project “Lightweight Self-adaptive Cloud-IoT Monitoring across Fed4FIRE+ Testbed” (LiSCIo) funded by Fed4Fire+, by project “Continuous QoS-compliant Management of Software Applications over the Cloud-IoT Continuum” (CONTWARE) funded by the Conference of Italian University Rectors and by the Spanish Government (AEI) and the EU Commission (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional) through grant number TIN2017-88547-P (MINECO / AEI / FEDER, UE).


Open access funding provided by Università di Pisa within the CRUI-CARE Agreement.

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