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The Incremental Load Balance Cloud Algorithm by Using Dynamic Data Deployment


The rapid advancement of network technology has changed the way the world operates and has produced a large number of network application services for users. In order to provide more convenient services, the network service providers need to provide a more stable and high-capacity system. Therefore, cloud computing technology has been developed in the recent decade. The network service providers can reduce the cost related to the cloud computing services by using the virtualizing and data replicating techniques. Besides, an efficient information duplication strategy is necessary to reduce the workload and enhance the ability of the system. Therefore, a three-phase Dynamic Data Replication Algorithms (DDRA) for deploying the resources has been proposed in this paper to improve the efficiency of the information duplication under the cloud storage system. For the first two phases, the proposed algorithm is designed to determine the suitable service nodes to achieve the balance of workload according to the service nodes’ workloads. In the third phase, a dynamic duplication deployment scheme has been designed to achieve the higher access performance and better load balancing between service nodes for the overall environment. As a result, the proposed algorithm can enhance the availability, access efficiency and load balancing under the hierarchical cloud computing environment.

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