A Formal Approach to Support Interoperability in Scientific Meta-workflows


Scientific workflows orchestrate the execution of complex experiments frequently using distributed computing platforms. Meta-workflows represent an emerging type of such workflows which aim to reuse existing workflows from potentially different workflow systems to achieve more complex and experimentation minimizing workflow design and testing efforts. Workflow interoperability plays a profound role in achieving this objective. This paper is focused at fostering interoperability across meta-workflows that combine workflows of different workflow systems from diverse scientific domains. This is achieved by formalizing definitions of meta-workflow and its different types to standardize their data structures used to describe workflows to be published and shared via public repositories. The paper also includes thorough formalization of two workflow interoperability approaches based on this formal description: the coarse-grained and fine-grained workflow interoperability approach. The paper presents a case study from Astrophysics which successfully demonstrates the use of the concepts of meta-workflows and workflow interoperability within a scientific simulation platform.

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