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Distributed Late-binding Scheduling and Cooperative Data Caching


Pull-based overlays are used in some of today’s largest computational grids. Job agents are submitted to resources with the duty of retrieving real workload from a central queue at runtime and executing it. This model helps overcome the problems of direct job submission in the highly complex grid environments, namely, heterogeneity, imprecise status information, relatively high failure rates and slow adaptation to changes of grid conditions or user priorities. This article presents a distributed scheduling architecture for such late-binding overlays. In this architecture, execution nodes share a distributed hash table and cooperatively perform job assignment. As our experiments prove, scalability problems of centralized matching are avoided, achieving low and predictable scheduling overheads even for execution of large workflows, and total turnaround times are improved. This is in line with the predictions of a theoretical model of grid workflow execution that the article also discusses. Scalability makes fine-grained scheduling possible and enables new functionalities, like a distributed data cache shared by the execution nodes, which helps alleviate the commonly congested storage services. In addition, we show that our system is more resilient to problems like communication breakdowns between computation centres. Moreover, the new architecture is better prepared to deal with demanding scenarios like intense demand of popular data files or remote data processing.

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