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Zinc Orthostannate Based Ceramics with Nickel and Manganese Oxides as Additives

The system ZnO–SnO2 was investigated. Specifically, the possibilities of synthesizing zinc orthostannate were considered. The synthesis temperature of the compound from simple oxides by solid-phase synthesis was determined. A ceramic was obtained based on zinc orthostannate with the additives 5, 7.5, and 10 mol.% NiO and 5, 7.5, and 10 mol.% MnO. The properties of the powders were studied using XRD, SEM, and BET. The synthesis temperature of dense ceramics was equal to 1450°C.

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  1. Here and below, unless otherwise stated, the molar content, %.


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Correspondence to I. I. Aksyutin.

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Translated from Steklo i Keramika, No. 11, pp. 3 – 9, November, 2021.

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Aksyutin, I.I., Anisimov, V.V., Antonov, D.A. et al. Zinc Orthostannate Based Ceramics with Nickel and Manganese Oxides as Additives. Glass Ceram 78, 425–430 (2022).

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Key words

  • zinc orthostannate
  • Zn2SnO4
  • solid solution in the system ZnO–SnO2