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Composition Development and Property Study of Alkali-Resistant Enamel for the Protection of Chemical Apparatus

The compositions of enamels which were synthesized and investigated for CLTE compatibility with metal and for resistance to alkali solutions at high temperatures were sorted out and elaborated on the basis of a patent search and theoretical calculations of the physical and chemical properties. Frit with the ARF-1 composition showed the best characteristics in terms of resistance to alkali solutions. The rate of corrosion (alkali-resistance test temperature 80°C) of the enamel coating was only 0.015 g/(m2 · h), which is 20 times lower than the rate of corrosion of the chemically resistant enamel MK-5.

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We thank our colleagues T. M. Malygina and I. V. Alikina at the laboratory of the Lys’vensk Enamelware Plant for assisting in this work.

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Translated from Steklo i Keramika, No. 6, pp. 29 – 31, June, 2018.

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Izgagina, D.A., Uglinskikh, M.Y. & Vlasova, S.G. Composition Development and Property Study of Alkali-Resistant Enamel for the Protection of Chemical Apparatus. Glass Ceram 75, 234–236 (2018).

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Key words

  • protective coatings
  • chemical corrosion
  • alkali-resistant enamel
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  • zirconium oxide
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