On gravitational Stefan-Boltzmann law and Casimir effect in FRW universe


Both Stefan-Boltzmann law and the Casimir effect, in a universe described by the FRW metric with zero curvature, are calculated. These effects are described by Thermo Field Dynamics (TFD). The gravitational energy-momentum tensor is defined in the context of Teleparallel Equivalent to General Relativity (TEGR). Each of the two effects gives a consistent prediction with what is observed on a cosmological scale. One of the effect establishes a minimum range for the deceleration parameter. While another leads to the conclusion that a possible cosmological constant has a very small order of magnitude.

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This work by A. F. S. is supported by CNPq projects 430194/2018-8 and 313400/2020-2.

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  • Finite temperature
  • TFD
  • Teleparallel gravity
  • Casimir effect
  • FRW universe