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Observational constraints on the free parameters of an interacting Bose–Einstein gas as a dark-energy model


Dark energy is modelled by a Bose–Einstein gas of particles with an attractive interaction. It is coupled to cold dark matter, within a flat universe, for the late-expansion description, producing variations in particle-number densities. The model’s parameters, and physical association, are: \(\Omega _{G0}\), \(\Omega _{m0}\), the dark-energy rest-mass energy density and the dark-matter term scaling as a mass term, respectively; \(\Omega _{i0}\), the self-interaction intensity; x, the energy exchange rate. Energy conservation relates such parameters. The Hubble equation omits \(\Omega _{G0}\), but also contains h, the present-day expansion rate of the flat Friedman–Lemâitre–Robertson–Walker metric, and \(\Omega _{b0}\), the baryon energy density, used as a prior. This results in the four effective chosen parameters \(\Omega _{b0}\), h, \(\Omega _{m0}\), \(\Omega _{i0}\), fit with the Hubble expansion rate H(z), and data from its value today, near distance, and supernovas. We derive wide \(1\sigma \) and \(2\sigma \) likelihood regions compatible with definite positive total CDM and IBEG mass terms. Additionally, the best-fit value of parameter x relieves the coincidence problem, and a second potential coincidence problem related to the choice of \(\Omega _{G0}\).

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