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On the generalized \(L_q\)-reflector inverse problem with variational methods

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Geometriae Dedicata Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, we introduce the \(L_q\)-reflector measure as a class of geometric optics measures which is a natural \(L_q\) extension of the reflector measure. The \(L_q\)-reflector measure gives rise to one related Minkowski-type problem, namely the \(L_q\)-reflector inverse problem. It asks for necessary and sufficient conditions on a given measure \(\mu \) in order for it to be the \(L_q\)-reflector measure of a reflector. The main concentration properties of reflectors and measures allow us to establish direct variational proofs. As a result, we solve the existence part of the \(L_q\)-reflector inverse problem for all real numbers q.

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No associated data were used to support this study.


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I would like to appreciate my supervisor, professor Yong Huang for his guidance and the reviewers for their valuable and insightful comments.

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