Census of bounded curvature paths

  • Jean Díaz
  • José AyalaEmail author
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A bounded curvature path is a continuously differentiable piece-wise \(C^2\) path with bounded absolute curvature connecting two points in the tangent bundle of a surface. These paths have been widely considered in computer science and engineering since the bound on curvature models the trajectory of the motion of robots under turning circle constraints. Analyzing global properties of spaces of bounded curvature paths is not a simple matter since the length variation between length minimizers of arbitrary close endpoints or directions is in many cases discontinuous. In this note, we develop a simple technology allowing us to partition the space of spaces of bounded curvature paths into one-parameter families. These families of spaces are classified in terms of the type of connected components their elements have (homotopy classes, isotopy classes, or isolated points) as we vary a parameter defined in the reals. Consequently, we answer a question raised by Dubins (Pac J Math 11(2):471–481, 1961).


Bounded curvature paths Regular homotopies Dubins paths 



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