Formal conserved quantities for isothermic surfaces


Isothermic surfaces in \(S^n\) are characterised by the existence of a pencil \(\nabla ^t\) of flat connections. Such a surface is special of type \(d\) if there is a family \(p(t)\) of \(\nabla ^t\)-parallel sections whose dependence on the spectral parameter \(t\) is polynomial of degree \(d\). We prove that any isothermic surface admits a family of \(\nabla ^t\)-parallel sections which is a formal Laurent series in \(t\). As an application, we give conformally invariant conditions for an isothermic surface in \(S^3\) to be special.

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  1. 1.

    Recall the isomorphism \(\bigwedge ^{2}\mathbb R ^{n+1,1}\cong o(\mathbb R ^{n+1,1})\) via \((u\wedge v)w=(u,w)v-(v,w)u\), for all \(u,v,w\in \mathbb R ^{n+1,1}\).


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