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Ends of strata of the moduli space of quadratic differentials

  • Corentin BoissyEmail author
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Very few results are known about the topology of the strata of the moduli space of quadratic differentials. In this paper, we prove that any connected component of such strata has only one topological end. A typical flat surface in a neighborhood of the boundary is naturally split by a collection of parallel short saddle connections, but the discrete data associated to this splitting can be quite difficult to describe. In order to bypass these difficulties, we use the Veech zippered rectangles construction and the corresponding (extended) Rauzy classes.


Interval exchange maps Linear involutions Rauzy classes Quadratic differentials Moduli spaces 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

32G15 37E05 


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  1. 1.LATP, case cour A, Faculté de Saint Jérôme, Avenue Escadrille Normandie-NiemenUniversité Paul CezanneMarseille cedex 20France

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