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The diffusion of ICT and the notion of the digital divide: contributions from francophone geographers

Introductory remarks
  • Loïc Grasland
  • Gilles PuelEmail author

The digital divide is often only understood as the gap between information and communication technologies (ICT) haves and have-nots, and points to the latest gap in the rate of development among regions. However, this view of the digital divide is simplistic and is not considered relevant to an insight into the disparities in the diffusion of ICT. On a larger scale, these issues have attracted the attention of policy-makers and of many researchers in social sciences. The spatial diffusion of ICT has thus become an object of analysis in geography and other social sciences.

Many recent studies on ICT have been undertaken to research social and policy issues with regard to unequal access to ICT infrastructures and the various capacities of local authorities to take initiatives to develop their use. A conference was held on this topic in Paris in November 2004 by Laboratory Analyse des Dynamiques Industrielles et Sociales (ADIS), gathering 65 communications. The selection of seven papers...


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