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Efficient large-scale distance-based join queries in spatialhadoop

  • Francisco García-García
  • Antonio Corral
  • Luis Iribarne
  • Michael Vassilakopoulos
  • Yannis Manolopoulos


Efficient processing of Distance-Based Join Queries (DBJQs) in spatial databases is of paramount importance in many application domains. The most representative and known DBJQs are the K Closest Pairs Query (KCPQ) and the ε Distance Join Query (εDJQ). These types of join queries are characterized by a number of desired pairs (K) or a distance threshold (ε) between the components of the pairs in the final result, over two spatial datasets. Both are expensive operations, since two spatial datasets are combined with additional constraints. Given the increasing volume of spatial data originating from multiple sources and stored in distributed servers, it is not always efficient to perform DBJQs on a centralized server. For this reason, this paper addresses the problem of computing DBJQs on big spatial datasets in SpatialHadoop, an extension of Hadoop that supports efficient processing of spatial queries in a cloud-based setting. We propose novel algorithms, based on plane-sweep, to perform efficient parallel DBJQs on large-scale spatial datasets in SpatialHadoop. We evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms in several situations with large real-world as well as synthetic datasets. The experiments demonstrate the efficiency and scalability of our proposed methodologies.


Distance-based join queries Spatial data processing SpatialHadoop MapReduce Spatial query evaluation 



Work of all authors funded by the MINECO research project [TIN2013-41576-R]. We would like to thank Prof. Goce Trajcevski for providing us interesting comments to enrich the article, and we would like also thank the anonymous reviewers for their constructive remarks.


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  3. 3.Department of InformaticsAristotle UniversityThessalonikiGreece

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