Measurement of the Strong Pressure Appearance Laws with Hard Roof and Full Mechanized Mining Extra Thick Coal Seam

  • Zhongchang Wang
  • Xinping Guo
  • Chuan Wang
Original paper


To master the laws of strong strata behavior of Tashan coal mine under Carboniferous coal mining process, the laws of strong strata behavior in 8107 working face was measured and analyzed. It was shown that the average initial weighting step of 8107 working face was 59.4 m. The average periodic weighting step of main roof was 16.2 m. The maximum working resistance during periodic weighting was 14,711.1 kN. The maximum working resistance during non-periodic weighting was 11,339.9 kN. The average dynamic load factor K during periodic weighting was 1.31. The stress of coal column on the side of the goaf could be divided into four zones (stress stabilization zone, stress slow-increasing zone, significant—increasing stress zone, stress reduction zone) along the strike of 8107 working face. There was a peak of lateral support pressure along the trend of 8107 working face. And the peak position was biased to the side of return airway roadway. With the increase of the distance from the down-side of return airway, the pressure peak of the inner coal body along the strike of 8107 the working face increased and the peak position decreased from the coal wall. The peak stress of coal column tended to be close to the up-side of return airway. And the distance from the down-side of return airway for the peak of inner coal was larger than that for the peak of coal pillar. The peak position of abutment pressure of hard roof was in the range of 10–25 m in front of 8107 working face under full mechanized mining extra thickness coal seam conditions. The relative stress concentration coefficient of k was 1.3–6.5. The range of 10–25 m from the front of the working face to coal wall was stress reduction zone. And the influence range of abutment pressure was about 80 m. It was of great significance to the control and practice of the surrounding rock of the stope for the mining of the hard extra-thick coal seam.


Strong pressure appearance Extra-thick coal seam Work resistance Abutment pressure Measurement 



This work was supported by 2017 Key Technologies of Prevention and Control of Serious and Major Accidents in Safety Production (liaoning-0005-2017AQ) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51774199).


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  1. 1.Tunnel and Underground Structure Engineering Center of LiaoningDalian Jiaotong UniversityDalianChina
  2. 2.School of Civil and Safety EngineeringDalian Jiaotong UniversityDalianChina

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