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Numerical study of geometric constraint and cohesive parameters in steady-state viscoelastic crack growth


This paper presents a finite element study of cohesive crack growth in a thin infinite viscoelastic strip to investigate the effects of viscoelastic properties, strip height, and cohesive model parameters on the crack growth resistance. The results of the study show that the dependence of the fracture energy on the viscoelastic properties for the strip problem is similar to that obtained for the infinite body problem even when the cohesive zone length is large compared to the height of the strip. The fracture energy also depends on the crack speed v through the dimensionless parameter v τ/L where L is the characteristic length of the cohesive zone and τ is the characteristic relaxation time of the bulk material. This relationship confirms that at least two properties of the fracture process must be prescribed accurately to model viscoelastic crack growth. In contrast, the fracture energy and crack speed are insensitive to the strip height even in situations where the growth of the dissipation zone is severely constrained by the strip boundaries. We observe that at high speeds, where the fracture energy asymptotically approaches the maximum value, the material surrounding the cohesive zone is in the rubbery (equilibrium) state and not the glassy state.

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