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The Relativistic Geometry and Dynamics of Electrons


Atiyah and Sutcliffe (Proc R Soc Lond Ser A 458:1089–1115, 2002) made a number of conjectures about configurations of N distinct points in hyperbolic 3-space, arising from ideas of Berry and Robbins (Proc R Soc Lond Ser A 453:1771–1790, 1997). In this paper we prove all these conjectures, purely geometrically, but we also provide a physical interpretation in terms of Electrons.

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We thank Paul Sutcliffe and Wafic Sabra for some helpful comments related to dimensional analysis. Of course, Paul Sutcliffe was a key collaborator in the formulation of the Atiyah–Sutcliffe conjectures. The support of the Leverhulme Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.

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