Relating Bell’s Local Causality to the Causal Markov Condition


The aim of the paper is to relate Bell’s notion of local causality to the Causal Markov Condition. To this end, first a framework, called local physical theory, will be introduced integrating spatiotemporal and probabilistic entities and the notions of local causality and Markovity will be defined. Then, illustrated in a simple stochastic model, it will be shown how a discrete local physical theory transforms into a Bayesian network and how the Causal Markov Condition arises as a special case of Bell’s local causality and Markovity.

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    For the sake of uniformity throughout the paper I slightly changed Bell’s notation and figures.

  2. 2.

    See also our remark in the last paragraph of Sect. 3.


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This work has been supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund OTKA K-100715.

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  • Local causality
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