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Has Hawking Radiation Been Measured?

  • W. G. UnruhEmail author


It is argued that Hawking radiation has indeed been measured and shown to posses a thermal spectrum, as predicted. This contention is based on three separate legs. The first is that the essential physics of the Hawking process for black holes can be modelled in other physical systems. The second is the white hole horizons are the time inverse of black hole horizons, and thus the physics of both is the same. The third is that the quantum emission, which is the Hawking process, is completely determined by measurements of the classical parameters of a linear physical system. The experiment conducted in 2010 fulfils all of these requirements, and is thus a true measurement of Hawking radiation.


Black holes Hawking radiation Analog gravity  Quantum amplifiers Quantum noise Stimulated emission 



I would like to thank NSER of Canada, CIfAR, and the Templeton Foundation for support of this research. I would also like to thank the Perimenter Institute and through them also the taxpayers of Ontario and Canada through their governments who fund it for hosting and supporting me during part of the time this research was carried out.


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