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Optically Engineered Quantum States in Ultrafast and Ultracold Systems

  • Kenji Ohmori


This short account summarizes our recent achievements in ultrafast coherent control of isolated molecules in the gas phase, and its ongoing applications to an ensemble of ultracold Rydberg atoms to explore quantum many-body dynamics.


Quantum-classical boundary Wavefunction Laser  Wave packet Interferometry Coherent control Femtosecond Attosecond Ultrafast Quantum simulator  Molecular computer Fourier transform 



The author acknowledges Professor Nobuyuki Takei (IMS) and Professor Christian Sommer (IMS) for the measurements with ultracold Rb atoms. These works have been supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by JSPS, CREST by JST, and Photon-Frontier-Consortium Project by MEXT of Japan.


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  1. 1.Institute for Molecular ScienceNational Institutes of Natural SciencesOkazakiJapan

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