Foundations of Chemistry

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ISPC 2007 editorial

  • Tami I. SpectorEmail author

The following four articles are the first among a series to be published over a number of issues of Foundations of Chemistry from the 11th Annual International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) Symposium held at the University of San Francisco in 2007. All of the papers from the 2007 ISPC in this issue address the intersections of theory and practice in the chemical sciences, and in doing so highlight the unique way in which this annual symposium brings together philosophers (typically theorists) and chemists (typically empiricists) to present, discuss and argue aspects of philosophy of science that are uniquely related to chemistry.

Jerome Berson was the keynote speaker at the 2007 symposium and therefore it is appropriate that his paper “Fundamental Theories and Their Empirical Patches” be the first published. Berson’s paper concerns “bridging the gap” between philosophical ideals about scientific theories and the reality of how scientists, and chemists in particular,...

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