Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

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Histological study of the gastrointestinal tract in longfin yellowtail (Seriola rivoliana) larvae

  • Andressa Teles
  • Joan Salas-Leiva
  • Carlos Alfonso Alvarez-González
  • Enric Gisbert
  • Leonardo Ibarra-Castro
  • Juan Carlos Pérez Urbiola
  • Dariel Tovar-Ramírez


This work contributes basic knowledge on larval development of Seriola rivoliana. A histological study describes the development of the digestive tract and accessory glands in S. rivoliana larvae reared under laboratory conditions at 24 °C from hatching to 30 days post-hatching (DPH). At hatching (2.6 ± 0.12 mm), larvae had an undifferentiated digestive tract with a closed straight tube and a large yolk sac with an oil globule. The liver and pancreas were observed at 1 and 2 days, and the mouth and anus opened at day 2. Enriched rotifers were visible in their digestive tract. At the beginning of the pre-flexion stage, a mixed nutritional period was observed. At day 3, exogenous feeding began; the digestive tract became differentiated into the buccopharynx, esophagus, an undifferentiated stomach, and the intestines. Zymogen granules were visible in the exocrine pancreas. At day 4, supranuclear vacuoles were present in the posterior intestine, indicating the beginning of intracellular digestion. At day 5, goblet cells were present in the esophagus and became functional at day 7 in the esophagus and intestine. The buccopharynx goblet cells developed at day 15. The presence of gastric glands and differentiation of the stomach in the fundic, cardiac, and pyloric regions during the post-flexion stage occurred at day 20. This was the onset of the juvenile period and the beginning of weaning; however, a long co-feeding phase is recommended. Pyloric caeca were observed at day 30 (13.6 ± 1.6 mm). These results provide valuable information on S. rivoliana larvae biology and digestive physiology, which should be useful to improve cultivation techniques and identify ecological features involved in ontogeny.


Seriola Ontogeny Marine fish Histology Digestive system 



The authors thank Kampachi Farms for providing fertilized eggs; Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez Jaramillo and Maria Eulalia Meza Chavez for technical assistance in preparing histological slides. Funding was provided by Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT grant 157763). A.T. is a recipient of CONACYT fellowship (grant 335728) and J.S.L. is a recipient of AMEXCID fellowship (grant 811-06-9616).


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  • Joan Salas-Leiva
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  • Carlos Alfonso Alvarez-González
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  • Enric Gisbert
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  • Leonardo Ibarra-Castro
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  • Juan Carlos Pérez Urbiola
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