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Modification of textile fibres with nanolayers of fluorine-containing interpolymer complexes

A method of modifying textile fibres based on application by layers of an anchor polymer and a fluorine containing SF capable of forming a nanosize surface interpolymer complex that gives the fibres assigned properties is proposed. Formation of the interpolymer complexes of fluorine-containing SF with cationic water-soluble polymers was investigated. It was found that particles from 52 to 59 nm in size are formed as a result of the intermolecular interaction, and a modifying nanosize layer forms when they are deposited on the fibres and treated with heat. Surface modification is not inferior in quality to modification using polymer nanodispersions — synthetic fluorine-containing latexes. The modifying effect of the interpolymer complexes is almost independent of the nature of the textile materials.

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Correspondence to V. A. Volkov.

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Translated from Khimicheskie Volokna, No. 6, pp. 12-16, November-December, 2009.

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Volkov, V.A., Amarlui, A., Shchukina, E.L. et al. Modification of textile fibres with nanolayers of fluorine-containing interpolymer complexes. Fibre Chem 41, 350–354 (2009).

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