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LJB Hayes: Stories of care: A labour of law—gender and class at work

Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-137-49259-3
  • Nicole Busby
Book Review

In February 2017 Age UK published its annual report on ‘Health and Care of Older People in England’ [Age UK (2017), available:]. In it, the charity warns of a system in danger of collapse as ‘1.2 million older people with a social care need in England don’t receive the help they need and their numbers are rising every day, as the State funded system retreats’ (at p. 55) and cites, as one of the sector’s main challenges, ‘the struggle to get people to work in the care sector and retain them’. There has been a £160 million cut in total spending in real terms on older people’s social care in England in the five years to 2015/2016 (p. 17). This reduction in funding has left local councils and the National Health Service (NHS) unable to cope with the demands of an ageing population. In March 2017, these findings were supported by the Communities and Local Government Select Committee report on adult social care which urged the UK Government to review how...

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