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A commutator method for the diagonalization of Hankel operators


A method for the explicit diagonalization of some Hankel operators is presented. This method makes it possible to give new proofs of classical results on the diagonalization of Hankel operators with absolutely continuous spectrum and obtain new results. The approach relies on the commutation of a Hankel operator with a certain second-order differential operator.

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Translated from Funktsionals’nyi Analiz i Ego Prilozheniya, Vol. 44, No. 4, pp. 65-79, 2010

Original Russian Text Copyright © by D. R. Yafaev

A precise definition of the operator U can be given in terms of the corresponding sesquilinear form.

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Yafaev, D.R. A commutator method for the diagonalization of Hankel operators. Funct Anal Its Appl 44, 295–306 (2010).

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  • Hankel operators
  • spectrum
  • eigenfunctions
  • explicit solutions
  • commutators