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Double-wedged Wollaston-type polarimeter design and integration to RTT150-TFOSC; initial tests, calibration, and characteristics


Photometric and spectroscopic observation capabilities of 1.5-m Russian–Turkish Telescope RTT150 has been broadened with the integration of presented polarimeter. The well-known double-wedged Wollaston-type dual-beam technique was preferred and applied to design and produce it. The designed polarimeter was integrated into the telescope detector TFOSC, and called TFOSC-WP. Its capabilities and limitations were attempted to be determined by a number of observation sets. Non-polarized and strongly polarized stars were observed to determine its limitations as well as its linearity. An instrumental intrinsic polarization was determined for the 1 × 5 arcmin field of view in equatorial coordinate system, the systematic error of polarization degree as 0.2 %, and position angle as 1.9. These limitations and capabilities are denoted as good enough to satisfy telescopes’ present and future astrophysical space missions related to GAIA and SRG projects.

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  1. 1.

    Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey


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Designing and producing steps of TFOSC-WPol were financially supported and funded by TÜBİTAK (Grand No. 113F263), and integration and test steps were supported by TÜBİTAK TUG (Project No:14BRTT150-665). This work was also supported by the subsidy allocated to Kazan Federal University for the state assignment in the sphere of scientific activities. We also would like to thank to Akdeniz University BAP unit for their financial support.

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