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Non-thermal cosmic backgrounds and prospects for future high-energy observations of blazars

  • P. GiommiEmail author
  • S. Colafrancesco
Original Article


We discuss the contribution of the blazar population to the extragalactic background radiation across the electromagnetic (e.m.) spectrum with particular reference to the microwave, hard-X-ray and γ-ray bands. Our estimates are based on a recently derived blazar radio LogN-LogS that was built by combining several radio and multi-frequency surveys. We show that blazar emission integrated over cosmic time gives rise to a considerable broad-band non-thermal cosmic background that dominates the extragalactic brightness in the high-energy part of the e.m. spectrum. We also estimate the number of blazars that are expected to be detected by future planned or hypothetical missions operating in the X-ray and γ-ray energy bands.


Galaxies:active Galaxies: blazar: BL Lacertae surveys 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.ASI Science Data Center, C/O ESA-ESRINFrascatiItaly
  2. 2.INAFOsservatorio Astronomico di RomaPalermoItaly

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