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Correction to: Assessment of the dunnocks’ introduction to New Zealand using innate immune-gene diversity

The Original Article was published on 24 August 2020

Correction to: Evolutionary Ecology (2020) 34:803–820

In the original publication of the article Evol Ecol 34, 803–820 (2020) we suggested that “Historical records from the Otago Acclimatisation Society indicate that in the Otago region…a total of 185 individuals…were introduced from United Kingdom between 1865 and 1907 (Santos 2012; Santos and Nakagawa 2013)”. However, after reviewing Duncan (1997) and reading Pipek et al. (2015), it seems more plausible that only 98 individuals were introduced in 1868. Notably, this correction does not affect our results. On the contrary, it makes our main finding stronger (i.e., even fewer individuals than thought originally, were enough to bring all the genetic diversity from England to New Zealand). Also note that the time of isolation proposed between the two populations is not affected by this correction. It is because 2017–1868 = 149 years, which is ca. 150 years.


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