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Identification of QTLs controlling low-temperature germinability and cold tolerance at the seedling stage in rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

  • L. M. Yang
  • H. L. Liu
  • L. Lei
  • H. W. Zhao
  • J. G. Wang
  • N. Li
  • J. Sun
  • H. L. Zheng
  • D. T. Zou


Both low-temperature germinability (LTG) and cold tolerance at the seedling stage (CTS) are important traits for rice. In this study, a rice population of recombinant inbred lines (RILs), derived from the backcross population of a cross between Dongnong422 and Kongyu131, was developed to detect quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting LTG and CTS by using seed of different storage times. Correlation analysis indicated that there was no significant relationship between LTG and CTS, suggesting that cold tolerance might be genetic differences for LTG and CTS. In total, Twelve and twenty-three major QTLs were detected for LTG and CTS, respectively, which could explain greater than 10% of the phenotypical variation. Eight (qCG12-1, qGI12-1, qGV9-1, qMLIT12-1, qPV6-1, qMDG12-1, qLDWcold10-1, qLFWcold10-1) significant QTLs were mapped for different storage time, it concluded that such QTLs were not affected by environment (storage time) and were closely related QTLs to cold tolerance. One or more QTLs were identified for each trait with some of these QTLs co-locating, qMLIT7-1, qCG7-1, and qGI7-1 for LTG, qLFWcold10-1, and qLDWcold10-1 for CTS with contributions over 15% were mapped common marker interval, respectively, co-location of QTLs for different traits can be an indication that a locus has pleiotropic effects on multiple traits due to a common mechanistic basis. Two lines, RIL128 and RIL73, might be valuable to improve the LTG and CTS through a combination of crosses. The identified QTLs might be applicable to improve the rice cold tolerance by the marker-assisted selection approach.


Rice Storage time Low-temperature germinability Cold tolerance of seedling Quantitative trait loci 



This work was supported by the major science and technology fund bidding project in Heilongjiang province (GA14B102-02).

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