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The Panama Tall and the Maypan hybrid coconut in Jamaica: did genetic contamination cause a loss of resistance to Lethal Yellowing?


We applied Bayesian population assignment methods to assess the trueness to type of four populations of the coconut cultivar Panama Tall (PNT) located in Jamaica and found that two of them presented a high percentage of off-types, while genetic contamination was low in the two others. The PNT is the pollen parent of the MAYPAN hybrid, which used to be planted in Jamaica to control an epidemic disease: Lethal Yellowing. The main source of contamination was the susceptible Jamaica Tall, thus increasing the susceptibility in the resulting MAYPAN progeny. The incidence of genetic contamination seems however to be insufficient to be the only cause of the latest outbreak of the disease. Neither the MAYPAN nor its parents can be said resistant in the present context of Jamaica.

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Station marc delorme, Centre National de la Recherche Agronomique (Côte d’Ivoire)


Coconut industry board (Jamaica)


Centro de investigation Cientifica de Yucatan


Fundación para la Autonomía y el Desarollo de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua (Nicaragua)


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We thank IPGRI and the Cogent network, which financed the development of the coconut cultivar identification kit, and the Genotyping Platform of the Languedoc Roussillon Genopole, hosted by Cirad (C. Billot and R. Rivallan) were all the SSr data have been obtained.

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