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Quantitative resistance to Cercospora leaf spot disease caused by Pseudocercospora cruenta in cowpea


Six populations (Parent 1, Parent 2, F1, F2, BC1 and BC2) generated from each of four crosses involving four resistant and two susceptible varieties of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) were evaluated for resistance to Cercospora leaf spot (CLS) disease caused by Pseudocercospora cruenta under induced epiphytotic conditions, in four separate field experiments. Climatic conditions determined the onset of CLS disease in the susceptible cultivar and varied in the four experiments from 35 to 48 days after planting (DAP). Genetic analysis revealed that the mode of inheritance of resistance to P. cruenta can be oligogenic or polygenic depending upon the cross. This is the first report of polygenic inheritance of CLS resistance. Number of nodes infected fitted a simple additive dominance model with predominance of additive effects based on generation mean analysis. Oligogenic resistance was observed for the other three crosses, with the most plausible models being: a single gene model with incomplete dominance in CB27 × IT87D-939-1; a single gene model with complete dominance in CB27 × VRB-10; and a triger model in Los Banos Bush Sitao × IT86D-792, based on segregation analysis of symptomatic : non-symptomatic plants. The role of minor genes was also indicated in the above crosses. Suggested approaches to breeding for resistance to CLS are discussed.

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The authors would like to thank the following: Professor Uwe Braun; Prof. Pedro W. Crous and Dr. John C. David for their assistance in identification of the CLS pathogens; Dr. A. E. Hall for providing seed for cowpea line CB27 and Dr. C. A. Fatokun for providing seed of the ‘IT’ cowpea lines. The financial assistance provided to the senior author by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, under the Dean’s Scholarship for postgraduate study is gratefully acknowledged.

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