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Development of SCAR and CAPS Markers for a Partially Dominant Yellow Seed Coat Gene in Brassica Napus L


We have previously identified 2 RAPD and 8 AFLP markers that were associated with yellow seed coat gene in a stable and pure yellow-seeded DH line No. 2127-17, however, they were not suitable in large-scale MAS. In this paper, it reported our efforts in developing rapid and reliable SCAR and CAPS markers from the RAPD and AFLP markers. Based on the sequence information in the regions of the most closely linked 4 AFLP and 2 RAPD markers, one SCAR (SCS1130) and one CAPS (SCA1) maker were successfully developed. Linkage analysis on a 127 DH lines population derived from the cross Hui5148-2 × No. 2127-17 revealed that they were tightly flanked (3.2 cM, 3.8 cM respectively). The resulting SCS1130 and SCA1 were further evaluated in backcross breeding families and demonstrated more accurate and valuable in MAS breeding. The development of these new markers would facilitate and accelerate the yellow seed coat breeding in Brassica napus.

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amplified fragment length polymorphism


cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence




cytoplasmic male sterility


doubled haploid


ethidium bromide


marker assisted selection


polyacrylamide gels electrophoresis


polymerase chain reaction


random amplified polymorphic DNA


sequence characterized amplified region


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