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Effect of Grazing and Climatic Changes on Alpine Vegetation of Tungnath, Garhwal Himalaya, India

  • M. C. NautiyalEmail author
  • B. P. Nautiyal
  • Vinay Prakash


Effect of grazing and changing climate on vegetation composition of alpine pasture at Tungnath, Garhwal Himalaya was observed. Growth form pattern and phytosociological attributes were analyzed during 1988 under grazed (exposed to extensive grazing) and ungrazed (protected from grazing) conditions. These observations were repeated during 1998. It was observed that number of early growing species and long vegetative growth cycle species had increased at both sites in 1998 in comparison to 1988. Further, some species, viz., Poa alpina, Polygonum spp., Ranunculus hirtellus, Anemone spp., are predominantly found near the timberline-subalpine region. These species are less palatable and were present at both sites with higher dominance (TBC) and niche width in 1998 indicating wide distribution of the species along an altitudinal gradient. These observations indicated the migration of these species towards upper slopes of alpine. Species diversity was also higher after ten years. However, it is clear that climatic changes alone are not responsible for these vegetational shifts. In fact, human-induced changes are the main reason for habitat destruction and changes in vegetation composition of the alpine region of Garhwal Himalaya. Before final conclusions can be made, long-term studies on vegetation composition and changes are needed, especially in Himalayan region.


growth forms dominance niche climate grazing early growing and long growth cycled 


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  • M. C. Nautiyal
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    Email author
  • B. P. Nautiyal
    • 1
  • Vinay Prakash
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  1. 1.High Altitude Plant Physiology Research Centre (HAPPRC)HNB Garhwal UniversitySrinagar GarhwalIndia

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