Table 3 Central aspects and illustrative data related to the challenge of developing a shared vision

From: Collaborating for energy efficiency in Swedish shipping industry: interrelating practice and challenges

Central aspectsDescriptionRelated to which activitiesIllustrative data
DataWhoWhen and data typeActivity
1. Focusing on champions vs. industry massThe collaboration focus has shifted between improving state of the art among the industry champions, and mainstreaming of existing knowledge to the industry mass—and there have been differences in opinions regarding optimal focusDatabase workshops networkHe highlights that when they joined, it was said that [the participants in the network] would be fewer and only larger shipowners, and there would be requirements about having energy management systems and dedicated resources [for energy efficiency]—it remains to be seen if this will be implementedRepresentative, shipping company /network participantMay 2016, field note, telephone interviewNetwork
2. Difficulties in concretizing visionsIt has been challenging for involved actors to concretize and define the collaboration ideaDatabase networkEverybody thought it was a good idea to have a database, but nobody knew what it meant—like the emperor’s new clothes, he says. He thought that the shipowners wanted a database without really knowing why or what it entailedConsultantApril 2017, field note, conversationDatabase
3. Managing conflicting visionsDue to differences between involved organizations, there have been conflicting visions regarding among other things preferred collaboration goals and structureDatabase networkBoth [collaboration chairman] and [collaboration research advisor] have the opinion that a network is something with active members, in contrast to [consultant’s] view to establish an energy secretariat that works more top-down to “educate” and inspire shipowners in energy efficiency-related issues through outreach activities. Instead, [collaboration chairman] and [collaboration research advisor] want a network for energy-responsibles where they can learn from (and support) each otherCollaboration chairman and collaboration research advisorNovember 2015, field note, meetingDatabase network