Table 2 Central aspects and illustrative data related to the challenge of creating engagement

From: Collaborating for energy efficiency in Swedish shipping industry: interrelating practice and challenges

Central aspectsDescriptionRelated to which activitiesIllustrative data
DataWhoWhen and data typeActivity
1. Motivating champions to participateSome industry champions have expressed lack of interest to participate due to concerns of limited gains, arguing “what’s in it for us?”Database workshops (network)He says that his feeling after the meeting was: “what’s in it for us?”Representative, shipping company/network participantSeptember 2016, field note, telephone interviewNetwork
2. Actors not contributingActors do not want to participate due to not wanting to share their knowledge, and ensuring no free-riding; that all participants contributeDatabase networkHe says that he has been clear on the meetings that he has participated on, that one cannot be passive participant but must contributeRepresentative, shipping company/network participantMay 2016, field note, telephone interviewNetwork
3. Lack of time and resources, actors not prioritizing participationFor the workshops, there have been difficulties attracting participants. In the network, some participants have highlighted lack of time as a challenge for participationWorkshops networkQ: why is it so hard to attract participants?
A: [for some companies] it is about not having the resources, not being able to spare the participants
Collaboration coordinatorSeptember 2016, field note, telephone conversationWorkshops
4. Managing conflicting opinions about collaboration structure and goalsConflicting opinions regarding preferred collaboration goals and structure due to differences between involved organizations have implications on the engagement for participationDatabase workshops network“I have declined working with Sweship Energy several times before. Partly, because I didn’t have the time, and partly, because I didn’t like the focus it would have then with the development of a database, and so I felt like… Well, someone else can do that”Collaboration research advisorFebruary 2017, interview transcript, interviewDatabase