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Table 10 Nomenclature of macro SAM accounts

From: Environmentally extended social accounting matrix for Chile

Accounts Meaning
A Activities
C Commodities
L Labor
K Capital
E Enterprises
HH Households
Gob Government
ROW Rest of the world
Tax-dir Direct tax
Tax-va Value added tax
Tax-imp Tariffs
Tax-act Activity tax
Tax-esp Specific tax
Int-dom Domestic interest
Int-row International interest
Sav-E Savings-enterprises
Sav-HH Savings-households
Sav-gob Savings-government
Sav-row Savings-REST of the world
E-cap Enterprises-capital
HH-cap Households-capital
Gob-cap Government-capital
Row-cap Rest of the world-capital
Inv Investment
dstck Stock variations
  1. Source: own elaboration